Best Vibration Plate Reviews 2021 – A Detailed Guide with Pricing

Many people know vibration plates from very untrustworthy television commercials. Opinion on the effectiveness of vibration training is divided: while there are still lots of critics, some experts claim that training on a vibration plate allows fat loss and muscle building at the same time and is extremely effective.

In this blog post, I will answer all relevant questions about vibration plates and present the best models you can buy in 2021. Have fun! ?

Training with a Vibration Plate

What do Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Clint Eastwood and Karl Lagerfeld have in common? No idea? The answer: apart from the large amount of money in their bank accounts, probably only that all these celebrities swear by exercising with a vibration plate.

Because of their jam-packed schedules, they are constantly looking for ways to train effectively in a short time, which is exactly what a vibration plate allows.

Nowadays, lack of time is one of the main reasons for lack of exercise and physical activity, so technologies that allow us to train effectively in a short time are needed more than ever. And this is exactly where vibration plates come into play.

I have to admit that at first, I was very sceptical about the effectiveness of vibration plates and thought that it was just a scam. However, the more I dealt with the subject, the more I became convinced about vibrating fitness machines.

In this article, I will explain what a vibration plate is, how it works and how it can help you to conduct an extremely effective fitness workout. Moreover, you will find the best models you can currently buy at each price level. Have fun! ?

How does a vibration plate work?

Vibration Plate

A vibrating plate is not a magic potion that makes you wake up with a six-pack the next morning. This type of fitness training requires effort and sweat to achieve results, just as any other type of physical activity does. What a pity!  

In contrast to traditional training methods, with a vibration plate it is possible to train almost all of our muscles in a very short time and thus train in one of the most effective ways possible.

Before we deal more with the benefits of vibration training and talk about the best machines to buy, let’s look at what a vibration plate exactly is. A vibration plate consists of a motor housing with a spring-loaded platform above it. The electric motor in the housing generates vibrations which are transmitted to the platform via the springs.

The vibrations are transmitted to the platform vertically (upwards and downwards), three-dimensionally (upright, downwards and sideways) or laterally (oscillating) from right to left. The speed and amplitude of the vibrations can be determined individually.

Most vibration plates have pre-set programs with variable speeds. It is also possible to define individual settings.

Do Vibration Plates Help You Lose Weight?

Lose Weight

Due to the vibrations of the plate, many of our muscles that are not actually necessary for the execution of the respective exercises are contracted as well. It is worth knowing that normally, we can only control about 60% of our muscles consciously, while the remaining 40% represent the so-called deep muscles that are primarily responsible for our upright posture and stability.

However, training with a vibration plate stimulates these deep muscles to counterbalance the vibrations generated by the electric motor in order to ensure the stability and balance of our body.

The necessary muscle contractions take place automatically and so we train our body unconsciously. Training on a vibration plate therefore perfectly complements our regular workout and increases the training effect.

Training with the vibration plate therefore makes it possible to not only train up to 60% of our muscles but almost our entire body. This of course requires a lot of energy. Our body gets this energy from our stored body fat, so that vibration plates ultimately also help you lose weight.

Through the combination of fat burning and muscle building, typical side effects of being overweight, such as cellulite, can be reduced in the long term. Ten minutes of daily exercise on the vibration plate is completely sufficient. I’m sure that you will find time for ten minutes!

However, the vibration plate is not only suitable for people who are interested in losing weight. Vibration training strengthens the muscles that are responsible for stabilizing our skeleton. Our body needs 140 muscles to stabilize just our back. Physical activity and exercise protect you against back pain and stress-related tension can be relieved by training with a vibration plate.

Moreover, there are several health-related benefits. Some studies have found that vibration training releases hormones that protect against type 2 diabetes.

In addition, the cardiovascular system, fat metabolism and brain performance are positively influenced. In addition, the vibrations improve our blood circulation, as more muscles are used. As a result, our skin becomes firmer, areas with poor blood circulation are better supplied with blood again and our muscles can regenerate faster. 

After all, it seems that it’s not without a reason that many celebrities rely on this kind of fitness training, as it is indeed extremely effective!

The Main Advantages at a Glance:

  • With a vibration plate you can train almost 100 percent of your muscles within a short period of time
  • From beginners to advanced users: Everyone can benefit from vibration training
  • Vibration training helps you to effectively reduce body weight and build muscle at the same time

Are Vibration Plates Harmful to Health?

Pros and Cons

In general, vibration plates are definitely not harmful to health, quite the opposite! However, as with any other fitness machine, there are some basic rules that should be kept in mind.

“We should take care that the vibration does not go all the way to the head. If we would do this for a long time, we would get dizzy and sick. Our vision would become blurred. So, let’s try not to do exercises while sitting or by standing stiffly on it. Even when doing abdominal exercises lying down, we can hardly dampen the vibration. The basic rule is: Do not combine a weakened body (e.g. with a risk of thrombosis or in cancer patients) with an intense stimulus. Everything else should be discussed with a doctor.”

Dr. Heinz Kleinöder (Researcher at the German Sport University Cologne)

To avoid possible side effects of vibration training, you should pay special attention to proper form during exercises.

Beginners should start with easy and familiar exercises and increase the resistance over time and with increasing experience on the vibration plate. Another possibility would be to contact a professional fitness coach.

Who Should Not Use a Vibration Plate?

Training with a Vibration Plate

Training on vibration plates is suitable for the large majority of people. However, as mentioned in the previous section, there are a few minor things to consider.

If you have strictly resisted any kind of exercise for years and now feel the urge to do something for your body, you should not necessarily start training on a vibration plate directly, as a certain amount of muscle mass is required to counterbalance the vibration impulses.

However, this only applies to extreme cases of couch potatoes. Basically, even beginners and untrained people can exercise on a vibration plate. However, for those with the following conditions, training with a vibration plate is not recommended or should at least be discussed with a doctor in advance:

  • Acute illnesses / inflammatory responses
  • Thrombosis and risk of thrombosis
  • Stents and bypasses
  • Severe osteoporosis with fractures
  • (Untreated) high blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Gallstones and kidney stones
  • Pregnant women
  • Children under 13 years

The Type of Vibration


Not all vibration plates are the same. There are many different types and depending on what you want to train, some models are better than others. Very often, a distinction is made between oscillation, vertical and tri-plane vibration machines.

Most vibration plates offer vertical vibration training, which means that the plate only performs up and down movements. The vertical vibrations increase our muscle strength and additionally improve the blood circulation.

However, they also put a higher stress on our spine and more attention should be paid to performing the exercises correctly. Why?

Well, just think about how the human body moves. Unlike some animals, such as frogs or kangaroos, we do not move in a vertical pattern, but in a side-alternating way.

It is worth knowing that we never use two identical muscles of the right and left body side at the same time in the same way, but always alternately. This is exactly where oscillating vibration plates come into play! These ones move from side to side and thus simulate human locomotion more realistically. This results in a natural training effect that adapts to your own movements.

However, I definitely don’t want to speak ill of vertical vibration plates. It all depends on your goals! Both types of vibration training have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is a short overview:

Vertical Vibration Plates

✅ Improves muscle strength⛔ Increased load on the spine and head
✅ Better blood circulation⛔ Not recommended for older and very unfit people
✅ Intensive and effective training       
✅ Improves mobility

In my opinion the ideal vibration plate with vertical movement is the VT High Frequency Linear Vibration Plate Machine. If you are interested in learning more about this model, I would advise you to click here in order to read all the details and further customer reviews.

Oscillation Vibration Plates

✅ Natural training effect through
realistic human movement patterns
⛔ Less muscles are targeted at the same time
✅ Less load on the spine and head⛔ The training is less intensive
✅ Helps to relieve back pain       
✅ Ideal for older and / or untrained people

In my eyes, the LifePro Waver Vibration Plate is currently the best oscillation machine to buy. In recent years, the company LifePro has earned a very good reputation in the field of vibration machines and has already convinced millions of people. The Waver Vibration Plate is one of their most famous products and I can highly recommend you take a look at it. Find it here.

Tri-Plane (3D) Vibration Plates

If you can’t or don’t want to choose one of the two types of vibration plates mentioned above, don’t worry: nowadays, several companies also offer tri-plane 3D vibration plates, which combine vertical and lateral vibrations. Two motors are used at the same time in order to make this possible. 3D vibration plates offer a range of training programs with which you can aim for different goals and put different loads on your body depending on what and how you want to train. In my eyes, the best tri-plane vibration plates to currently buy are the Bluefin Fitness 3D Vibration Plate and the LifePro Turbo 3D Plate.

These two models are very similar, and both can be equally recommended. The wisest thing to do is to have a look at both machines. You will find the Bluefin model here and the LifePro model here.

The Frequency Ranges

The frequency range is another key factor that separates different vibration plates from each other. Training at different frequencies leads to different effects on our body. Let me quickly explain why to you.

Let’s first take a look at what the frequency of a vibration plate is all about.

You should know that after contracting, our muscles aim to relax again pretty quickly. The whole contraction-relaxation cycle takes about 50 milliseconds. If we want to contract our muscles again before the 50 milliseconds have passed, they cannot relax properly and are, as you can imagine, under constant tension. This results in very intensive training yet increases our muscle performance at the same time.

Let me give you a quick example: At a medium frequency of 15 Hz, there are approx. 67 milliseconds between two vibration stimuli. Since, as I said, we only need about 50 milliseconds to relax the muscle again after a contraction, training in this frequency range offers enough time for muscle regeneration. This in turn is recommended if you are not primarily interested in increasing muscle strength, but rather in improving muscle function and coordination.

Here is a short overview over all of the different frequency ranges and their respective training effects:

Training Effects at Different Frequencies

  • Low frequency (1–12 Hz): Muscle relaxation, regeneration / cool down, proprioception, mobilization
  • Medium frequency (12–20 Hz): Improvement of muscle function and coordination
  • High frequency (20–35 Hz): Increases muscle performance, restores or strengthens muscle power

If you are looking for a vibration plate with a wide range of frequencies, go with the LifePro Rumblex Vibration Plate. This machine is a so-called 4D vibration plate, which combines all kinds of vibrations with the help of three built-in motors.

In addition to the combination of vertical and oscillating vibrations, as used in tri-plane 3D models, a 4D vibration plate also uses micro-vibrations, which leads to an additional massage effect. Although technically speaking, these machines do not let you enter the fourth dimension, 4D vibration plates are without a doubt extremely useful.

The LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate is a very good example of a 4D machine. It offers you a wide range of frequencies from 4 to 40 Hz and is therefore very well suited for all kinds of fitness goals, from losing weight to building muscle. You can find the product’s current price and availability here.

The Maximum Weight

Weight Loss

Many vibration plates can only be used up to a body weight of 280 or 300 lbs, some even only up to 230 lbs. For heavy and overweight persons with a body weight of more than 280 lbs, it is recommended that you buy a vibration plate with stationary handles, as these models usually provide greater stability and load capacity.

The motor power should also be taken into account. For heavier persons I would recommend a vibration plate with a very strong motor power. All of the above mentioned machines have a maximum user weight of 330 lbs.

Vibration Plate with or without Stationary Handles?

Speaking of stability: Before buying you should also know if you prefer a vibration plate with or without handles.

If you’re looking for efficient training with a wider range of applications and a stronger motor, the model with stationary handles will win. On the other hand, the compact machine without handles also has its advantages.

It is much cheaper, more space-saving, easier to transport and also offers enough training programs. Although vibration plates with stationary handles are more stable, quieter and of higher quality, vibration plates without handles might be better suited for small apartments.

Ultimately, both options have their advantages and disadvantages and the decision is yours. I would suggest you take a look at this vibration plate with handles on Amazon.

Tips for Training on a Vibration Plate

✅ From easy to difficult, from simple to complex and from familiar to unfamiliar! Start with easy, simple and familiar exercises, familiarize yourself with this form of training and try it out slowly. At the beginning, two to three exercises are completely sufficient.

✅ Try to keep the vibration away from your head to avoid headaches.

✅ If you train with bands, keep them as short as possible, otherwise you will lose vibration impulses.

✅ Get to know your body and contract your muscles consciously. The effectiveness of the training will be greatly increased.

✅ Do not underestimate the training and make sure you drink enough as your central nervous system is heavily loaded.

✅ Since vibration training improves inter- and intramuscular coordination, it is also perfectly suited as a warm-up program.

✅ If you do not feel comfortable with an exercise, skip it!

The Best Exercises to Get Started


Squats with a vibration plate

The squat is an absolute classic. The exercise trains the whole body and should not be missing in any fitness plan. Begin in a shoulder-wide stance in a 3/4 knee bend. From this position, simply imagine that you are sitting down and standing up again. This way you train the front and back thigh muscles. Make sure that your buttocks and upper body remain tensed and that you do not lose body tension in general.

Do not stretch your legs completely during the exercise, otherwise the muscle tension is lost and the vibrations can no longer have their effect.


Lunges on a Vibration Plate

Here you perform a lunge with one leg on the vibration plate, while the other leg stays on the ground. The back and upper body should always be kept straight. For the lunge you do a 90-degree knee bend with the front leg. Afterwards you go back to the two-legged stance on the floor and then switch to the other leg.

Step Up Step Down

Step UP Step Down Vibration Plate

What cannot be missing from a well-rounded fitness program is some kind of cardio. The “Step Up Step Down” exercise is extremely effective for our coordination and condition. You stand with both feet on the ground in front of the vibration plate. Then, just like climbing stairs, you step on the plate with both feet one after the other, and then you step down again in the same way.


Pushups on a vibration machine

Another classic in the fitness industry and rightly so! Start statically in the low position and try to hold it. Imagine that you are trying to push the plate “through the floor”. Then go into the normal push-up movement. You can keep this exercise simple by not supporting yourself with your feet, but by getting down on your knees (lower legs lifted slightly off the floor).


A fantastic exercise to improve your posture and strengthen your back and buttock muscles. To do this, lie on your back on a mat in front of the vibration plate while your feet are resting on the vibration plate. Now you begin to tense your buttocks, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Raise your pelvis to the point where a straight line forms between your knees and shoulders. Hold briefly and slowly lower your buttocks. You can also repeat this exercise several times.

The Bottom Line: Vibration Plate Reviews 2020

I hope I helped you with this article and brought some light into the darkness. At first glance, vibration plates may not seem like a really helpful piece of exercise equipment, and I was very sceptical at first as well. But the more I researched the topic, the more I understood the real mechanism behind it. I hope that I explained the main benefits of using a vibration plate to you with this blog post.

However, if you have further questions about this vibration plate review or vibration training in general, you can always send me an email or just leave a comment below.

Otherwise: Have fun trying out training with the vibration plate yourself! ?

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